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Happy Winter's Veil
Dec 20, 14 10:36 AM
Sae is back!!!!!!
Oct 13, 14 10:38 AM
New Guild Leadership
Aug 4, 14 11:24 AM
Grats on level 25!!!!!
Jun 17, 11 8:21 PM
Welcome to Nova Via!

We are a friendly guild that has both raiders and social players. Find your niche and settle in. If you are interested in joining us then let us know!
Other Guild News
Happy Winter's Veil
By Gerissar, Dec 20, 14 10:36 AM

The winter holidays are upon us and WoW's Winter Veil has started!  I hope you all have a wonderful time with friends and family as well as much good food, treats and beverages!

The scheduled runs will return in the New Year.  I hope to start raid runs in January as well. ... Read More

Sae is back!!!!!!
By Gerissar, Oct 13, 14 10:38 AM

Curenae is back as the guild leader!

How does this affect the guild?  It doesn't.  Sae was the original GM and we will continue to rejuvenate the guild through recruitment, planned runs and guild events.

We will continue to be a guild of people who love th... Read More

New Guild Leadership
By Gerissar, Aug 4, 14 11:24 AM

As many know, Bodingles took over guild leadership over one month ago.  With this, there will be a few changes.  First, the guild repairs were turned off.  This was to stop the negative loss on the guild bank due to a lack of incoming gold primarily since no guild runs were adding bon... Read More

Grats on level 25!!!!!
By Gerissar, Jun 17, 11 8:21 PM

Grats all on helping get Nova Via to level 25.


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